Duct Cleaning Service

What will I get with marvin e. kanze inc. duct cleaning job?

During the process we will:

1. Remove and clean all vents. (Both supplies and returns)
2. ROTO BRUSH* into the duct system and agitate mold, bacteria, dust, etc..
3. Remove allergens and toxins through our industrial strength vacuum and into environmentally safe HEPA filters.
4. Vacuum the burners and blower of your furnace/air handler.
5. Sanitize entire system with an antimicrobial solution.
6. Re-install all of your clean vents back where they belong.

Cleaning your ducts will Achieve the following and more:

1. Remove mold from your ductwork!
2. Remove harmful bacteria from your ductwork!
3. Remove dust and other allergens from the ductwork!
4. Remove built up pet hair and dander from your ductwork!
5. Remove any construction debris from your ductwork!
6. Make your system work more efficiently; leading to lower utility bills!