1. Does the company you want to use have a proven track record???
Answer:  We have been in business since 1953!!!
  1. Did the company’s sales person take time to understand what you want & need?
Answer:   We always ask our customers questions to find out what they want & need to accomplish, and then help you get there!  We sell you what you want & need, not what we want to sell you!
  1. Is the company selling us a good brand of equipment???
Answer:  Our primary brand of forced air equipment (Air-conditioners, furnaces, & heat pumps) is TRANE, which is the best in the business and has been for many years.  Don’t take our word for it, most consumer publications would agree!!  We also feature: Fujitsu & Mitsubishi mini-splits, Weil McLane Boilers, Bradford White water heaters, Aprilaire humidifiers and air cleaners, as well as host of Honeywell air cleaners, thermostats and controls.
  1. How do I know if the salesperson at my home or business knows what he’s doing???
              Answer:  All of our salespeople have at least a decade or more experience in the industry!  (They can all talk the talk, as none of them were selling used cars or mortgages 2 weeks before coming out to your home)   Additionally, every salesperson goes to continuing education classes with our manufacturers so that they know all of the latest high efficiency and high tech. products!
  1. How do I know the equipment in my house will be the right size???
Answer:  A salesperson from our company will always measure your home!!!  We will take note of what is already there, but as Aaron Kanze always says, “Just because it’s there doesn’t mean it’s right.”  If a salesperson from another company comes out to do an estimate for your home and doesn’t measure it, they are cutting corners!!!  The questions then become:  What else will they cut corners on?  How do they know what size I need if they don’t know how many square feet my home is, or how many skylights we have, or how tall that high ceiling in our family room is????
  1. Will the installers coming out to my home be qualified to do the job?
Answer:  Every technician on our staff has an E.P.A. card to work with refrigerant, has graduated from a technical school with an HVAC certification, has a minimum of 6 years experience in the field, and has been sent to additional trainings held by Trane, Fujitsu, and Weil McLain.  We’re not messing around here!!
  1. Will the technician(s) coming out to my home be safe and clean???
              Answer:  Every technician on our staff has been criminally background checked!!!  We value our customer’s safety, and want you, your family, and your property to be SAFE!!!  They drop cloth their work area, use a drop cloth from the door they enter to the work area, and wear booties when walking through your home.  (Frankly we treat your home better than we’d treat our own!)
  1. How do I know the install will go in the way the salesperson says it will go in???
Answer:  Every installation gets a visit from the salesperson who sold it (Typically Aaron or Jonathan Kanze) to make sure it’s going in the way we PROMISED it would go in!!  Our name is our pride, and that name goes on all of our work so IT MUST BE RIGHT & AND YOU MUST BE HAPPY!!!
  1. What happens if I need service after the equipment is installed???
Answer:  Call us!!  We have a full service department that would be happy to fix whatever may fail down the road (Even for those Saturday or Sunday emergencies).  We also have 100’s of maintenance contracts and would be more than happy to come and service your equipment twice a year as part of a service plan!
  1. Am I dealing with a company that has insurance???
Answer:  We carry both liability and workman’s compensation insurance.  We are as careful as a company can be, but if something goes wrong you’re covered & so are our technicians!!   Bonus: Does any of the money you are spending with the company go to charity??? Answer:  On our installation/replacement contracts there is a place to vote for 1 of 4 charities we believe in supporting (Pancreatic Cancer, Diabetes, Cystic Fibrosis, or Leukemia).  At the end of each fiscal quarter we put all of our installation/replacement customers names and charity requests into a hat, whoever’s name gets picked, that’s whose charity request we honor!  We then donate to that charity in their name and ours PAY IT FORWARD!!!! CHC_Partner_Seal_outlined  

About Marvin E. Kanze

We’re not the new guys in town; we’ve been serving many of your Philadelphia area neighbors with quality workmanship since 1953.

All of our employees are factory trained, and then retrained when they join Marvin E. Kanze to do things the “Kanze Way.” It means having our employees go that extra mile to meet that extra mark of quality that comes standard with all of our work.