0% APR for 60 months or up to $2,850 in rebates
Electrical Association on Qualifying Heat Pumps Up to: $1,200.00
Peco for a High efficiency Furnace/Boiler Up to: $300.00
Peco on qualifying Cooling System Up to: $425.00
Peco on Qualifying Heat Pumps Up to: $550.00
Switching from oil to gas from PECO $200.00
Federal Tax Credit    Up to: $500.00

Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert!

Marvin E. Kanze is reinforcing the most strict hygiene practices and safety precautions possible.

We are actively encouraging sick employees to stay home and immediately sending sick employees home, as well as having non-essential employees work remotely.

  • Our staff is frequently washing their hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol
  • wearing gloves, avoiding touching their eyes, nose and mouth
  • covering sneezes or coughs with tissues, if possible, or else with a sleeve or shoulder
  • cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and objects

We have also partnered with AERUS to provide AirScrubbers, a complete HVAC Environmental conditioning air flow system.
Click here to learn more about them, or contact us today.