Apprentice Air Conditioning Repairman Do you have an older home? Do you think it can not be air-conditioned? Have you had several companies come out and tell you it just cannot be done. Well, there’s hope! We know all the tricks of the trade, and have been cooling the uncool-able for over 60 years! How do we do this? Well first we come out to your home and take a look, then we formulate our plan of attack. We have 3 different ways we can cool your house. 1. There is always the Traditional duct work way. This is a great option, and we can provide very efficient and quiet equipment to cool you home this way! pipes 2. High Velocity, is used if the traditional ducts just won’t fit, then High velocity just might be the way to cool! These are mini-ducts that we can run through your home and provide excellent cooling and humidity control! mini 3. Mini Splits: These are the most efficient units we carry! They are quiet, high quality, and highly effective heating & cooling units. They can be used to cool/heat one or two rooms at a time, or can be used through-out the entire home. We have been using these units since the mid-80’s when they first entered the country. minisplits_ Therefore, our experience with these types of units is unparalleled in the Philadelphia area. The installation of these units is normally a very neat and clean process and does not involve running any duct work throughout your home. Here’s an interesting piece of Trivia, What company installed the first high velocity air-conditioning system in the Philadelphia area? a. Mr. Goodwrench b. Philadelphia Electric Company c. marvin e. kanze, inc. d. Bob The Builder If you guessed C. then you guessed correctly !